Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Truth About Marriage

When people get married they mistakenly understand the scripture that 'two shall​ become as one' to mean that the couple should become as one more like him or more like her. God has created each one of us in his image and given each one of us talents. To become as one we would have to know what our God given talents are and what our spouses God given talents are and combine those talents into one strong union between the couple. These two shall become as one in strength through Christ, in Gods purpose for us, our lives and our relationship.

Your top five are the most important. You can not change your strengths or weaknesses but learn how to understand and develop your strengths. No other human being in the world is wired with the same strengths that you have. We are all unique. There are 34 in all with out top five being our strongest. This helps relationships become stronger and can help you understand yourself better and help you see yourself through Gods eyes and the strengths and talents he has given to you. #marriage

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