Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why Point Fingers

Some people point fingers at Christians and degrade them and call them hypocrites when they sin because they do not realize three things. 1. Christians are saved by grace not by works. Salvation is a gift. 2. Most Christians do not realize that when you let sin in your life you give Satan a foothold to tear you down. It is better to stop sin at the window of your heart then to let Satan in. 3. Christians are in spiritual warfare. Life distracts people from their true purpose when they put people and things ahead of God.  Christians have to read and study the book of life and learn how to apply it to their life. People are cleansed and forgiven and become heirs, joint-heirs to Christ by simply believing and having faith. Learning to change old thinking patterns, learning the bible and how to live a Christ filled life and learning how to put on the mind of Christ after years of being themselves isn't easy. It doesn't happen over night. Finding a church family and a Christian mentor at your church, going to church faithfully, reading and studying the bible, leaving your old friends behind who do not share your faith; and filling your life with godly things like Christian music, helping others and your community through your church are necessary. Next time you want to make fun of a Christian for not being perfect according to your standards remember that he/she has a God in heaven that loves them just the way they are. Christ gave his life for them and you. I am proud to be a child of God and I owe him my life for giving his for me. If you are a new Christian and struggling the fruit of the Spirit can be yours. Give your heart and worries wholly to God and trust him and trust in his unconditional love.

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